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Honigverkostung am 4.3.2020 (english speaking)

Diese Einladung zu einer Verkostung griechischer Honige teilen wir doch gerne:

Experiential by nature, you'll be greeted with a seasonal honey-infused cocktail before meeting the intimate group in cozy TEE.SALON.IKI in Kreutzberg.Together we'll then journey through the ages and across continents, uncovering fascinating facts about bees and honey before playing sensorial games and tasting six small-batch Greek honeys.

In conclusion, all will enjoy a light pairing of each honey with a specific food.

Seats are very limited. Tickets must be purchased in advance. In English.

Greek Honey Tasting
Wed, 4 Mar (18h30–21h)
TEE.SALON.IKI (Böckhstr. 50, 10967 Berlin)
Tickets 20€ at the shop or online
More info at The Ambeessadors